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Raising entrepreneurs

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

I recently watched Cameron Herold talk about raising entrepreneurs and what he says makes a lot of sense!

If you want creative children, innovative children, children who are not afraid to “think outside the box”, let them create their own play.

Years ago, my daughters went to Missouri every summer to see their grandparents with their cousins. There was no TV, and no amusement park. There was a garden, there were some stray cats, and there were a million things to discover. Boxes and crates became cars and houses, garden tools became staffs and wands, swings became airplanes. The kids created their own worlds and platforms. These were some of their fondest memories.

Today, I have fearless women as adults who are not afraid to dream, and dare, and stand up to workplace injustice.

What can you do to create entrepreneurial spirits in your daughters?